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8 More Absurd Rules of Golf | Golf Digest

8 More Absurd Rules of Golf | Golf Digest

There are over 600 pages in the decisions on the rules of golf. We found 8 more weird, random rules you've never heard before. Transcript There are over pages in the Decisions on the Rules of Golf. Here are eight more of the most absurd rules we found. If your ball ends up in the clubhouse and the clubhouse isn't considered out of bounds, you may open a window or door and hit your next shot back onto the course. (glass breaks) Hopefully. (whistles) If you hit your ball into a moving river, you may hit the ball as long as you don't wait for it to flow to a more opportune location. C'mon! If you snap your putter in half out of anger, you can no longer use it. (crashing) However, if your caddy trips and damages it, you can continue to use it for the rest of the round. It's four for you? If an opponent asks your score and you tell them the wrong one, you must correct it before they play their next shot. (stuttering) Gosh! Or you lose the hole. You cannot place a water bottle on a green and use it as a level to determine how a putt will break. (glass breaks) If the wind blows your ball, you must play it from its new position. However, if a fan blows your ball, you must return it to its original position. If you've lost your ball, you can dig in a bunker to look for it. If you find it, you must put it back as it was, leaving only a small portion of the ball visible. If your club head falls off during the backswing and you complete the swing and miss the ball, it doesn't count as a stroke. If your club head fall off during the downswing and you miss the ball, it does. Still haven’t subscribed to Golf Digest on YouTube? ►► ABOUT GOLF DIGEST Home of the annual Hot List, instructional videos, news and trends, Golf Digest is the definitive destination for all-things golf. 8 More Absurd Rules of Golf | Golf Digest
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